Bourzanga Permit

Work recently commenced on the Bourzanga permit following its renewal at the Ministry of Mines.  The Company’s local exploration contractor, SEMS Exploration has undertaken a program of lithological and structural mapping of artisanal workings and a reconnaissance soil sampling program across parts of the permit to verify previous soil sample results. 

The artisanal workings represent an immediate RC drill target with the structural and lithological mapping and dump sampling to provide the basis for the drilling.

A large group of artisan miners is currently working an area with a north – south strike length of 600 metres, with three parallel structures covering a width of approximately 200m being mined.  The artisanal miners are excavating material from depths up to 35m (vertical), where they are stopped by the fresh rock interface.  This site, named Pissele after the nearby village, has only been discovered by the artisanal miners in the last few months. 

The miners are exploiting gold in quartz – sulphides veins hosted within strongly sheared quartz – chlorite – sericite schists, probably after metasediments.  The quartz veins are approximately 2 – 5 cm wide, foliation parallel and appear to strike north – south.

Drilling Prospect A
The Company has recently completed drilling 21 RC drill holes for a total of 2,107m to test for mineralisation at Prospect A.

Assay results are expected to be available during the month of August 2012.

Bourzanga with soils and Prospect A